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How do we source items?

We travel far & wide searching every possible avenue to find you the best vintage interiors 


Yes we do! Send us a pic of the item you are want us to work on and we can send you some ideas. 


We have a ton of policies but here is a quick summing up


We will use environmentally sound packaging however some of our packaging requires the use of bubble wrap.


We will accept returns under certain conditions as governed by the Consumer Contracts Regulations.

You should  return the item within 14 calendar days of cancelling your order. We will refund you within 14 calendar days after receiving the item.


If you live approx. 10 miles within the Glasgow area we are happy to supply free delivery within seven days.

For those orders requiring U.K. delivery we use a variety of courier services. There will be an additional cost for this however we will also ways consult you on this before making firm arrangements. We are also happy to support you if you would prefer to arrange your own delivery.

Vintage Quality

All our items are all vintage, and from a variety of sources. When we source an item we do our best to ensure it is clean, polished and buffed! However, many of the items are quite old and therefore do have some wear and tear. Sometimes we will decide that it is better to leave an item in as close to the original condition as possible. This may be because it looks great, or simply because to repair would be incredibly costly, or would detract from the original. In our descriptions, we say what we have done to the item so please read through before making a purchase.