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Retroville Vintage - First Up and Hello!
T&C Events Johnston
Retroville Vintage - First Up and Hello!

Well here we finally are! We both love vintage, antiques, collectables, call it what you will and love discovering new objects especially those that have been neglected. It seemed like the natural step to get our collection out there for you to see and love as much as us. 

Getting there has been a bit of a journey though! We have had to learn (and are still learning) skills around web design, commissioning support, working with freelancers, the business and the admin side of things (shipping anyone!)

We thought you might like to read about some of the items we have on the site, hear a little about us, and also ideas for using some of our pieces. So go get the kettle on now!

We love this light. It's not the kind of thing to put in the corner behind the sofa!


This light wants to be seen. So what's its story? Well, a very good friend of Retroville had this sitting in the back of her hall cupboard. Before that? It had been in a shed. It is a 'Mini-Max' cone fire extinguisher,  dating from around the 1940s and when in operation would have been hung on a wall. So, after a fair bit of cleaning and polishing (actually you'll get to hear a lot about cleaning and polishing throughout this blog!) we were ready to get this party started. We found a fab wooden stand, and after a swift re-wiring job and the addition of a marvellous Edison bulb this lamp was ready to go. 

So the lesson here is check out those cupboards and sheds as you never know what might be lurking there!

Sign up for updates and we will start to post background stories on the pieces you see here and the ones still being worked on. We might even get organised and do some before and after shots! We'll also let you into some insider tips on auction hunting, finding and restoring pieces destined for the skip, and maybe more about us too so stay tuned in!